Branson Chiropractic, Dry needling, Acupuncture, Rehabilitation, and Golf Performance Training. Dr. Zach Vahldick DC CSCS  brings an evidence-based model of chiropractic and rehabilitation the Branson community.  We treat all musculoskeletal pain including, lower back pain, leg pain, sciatica, neck, shoulder and arm pain, as well as Titleist Performance Institute golf fitness training.   Our focus is on providing top quality care to the Branson area, helping you move better.  Every day, patients are amazed by the unique and comprehensive approach to chiropractic we take at Advanced SJC.

On your first visit you can expect a detailed examination, an explanation of your condition, a discussion of your treatment options, and a conservative treatment plan that includes may include chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue treatment, rehabilitation, acupuncture or dry needling, and education on how to treat your condition best at home.   Dr. Vahldick is building his practice one patient at a time, by not having “high pressure sales” and lengthy treatment plans.  We’d like to see you as little as often, and have you out and MOVING BETTER.



When examining painful conditions, be it low back, neck or anything else, a full body functional assessment should serve as the pillar of chiropractic and rehabilitative care.  The assessment will look to find tissues or positions that are painful or provocative, but it will continue on to determine what movement patterns are dysfunctional/limited and causing overload in the painful structures.  This movement based function assessment will guide treatment, and will be regularly revisited to assess the effectiveness of your care.  Advanced Spine and Joint Center is founded in evidence based, patient centered, Chiropractic care. We strive for excellent relationships with our patients and other area medical providers.


Chiropractic is not just about cracking joints and moving bones, it’s about movement.  When a door is not working properly, you would not just examine the door statically but also swing the door to determine if the hinge is freely moving or if the door is out of level. That is what a skilled Motion Palpation doctor does when examining a patient. Dr. Vahldick, certified through the Motion Palpation Institute, has a dynamic and gentle way for assessing the spine or other joints (ankle, foot, knee etc.). The technique offers effective and biomechanically correct ways to mobilize the fixated joints, restoring proper function to these areas.  Patients that prefer not to be “popped” have a variety of non-thrust (no popping) chiropractic options.  Manipulation has been proven in the medical literature to be an effect means of managing low back pain, neck pain, and should pain.


Functional Rehabilitation (Rehab) is about learning and training your body to MOVE BETTER. True strength or function is not attained on a large cumbersome weight machine, or sitting down and doing a press or a curl; and this certainly will not help with any musculoskeletal pain you are having. Functional rehabilitation is goal oriented, based directly on the findings of the physical assessment, and progressive in nature. This model of rehab builds on the body’s natural movement patterns; retraining and facilitating muscles that might be weak, inhibited or uncontrolled. Rehab my start on the floor, but will culminate in larger movements that challenge the entire body. This patient centered, active model of care is the foundation for Advanced Spine and Joint Center.  Especially when combined with our other treatment tools, rehabilitation has been shown to be very effective in low back pain, neck pain, and shoulder or hip pain.


Soft Tissue Therapies can include hands on or instrument assisted means of breaking up myofascial adhesions in the muscles.  These adhesions, knots, or Trigger Points can cause both local or referred pain, as well as decrease the efficiency of the entire muscular system.  As a combined approach patients will receive safe and effective soft tissue treatments, as well as learning self treatment strategies.  Dr. Vahldick is Branson’s only Chiropractor providing Graston Technique, a new an innovative way at breaking down non functional scar tissue that can be both painful, or functionally limiting.


Treatment of muscles with acupuncture or Trigger Point Dry Needling has been proven very effective.  Functional dry needling uses acupuncture needles to stimulate the muscle manually or with an electrical current to cue a relaxation of the tight muscle.  Needling provides faster, longer lasting results in most patients. Our treatment of headaches using dry needling techniques have been particularly effective.


Titleist Performance Institute, or TPI, training sets Dr. Vahldick apart as an elite provider for both golf injuries, an golf performance training. TPI was founded to research golf biomechanics and human movement, studying the swings and movement patterns of tens of thousands of golfers over the past tenyears. As Southwest Missouri’s only certified TPI provider, Dr. Vahldick uses a series of proven screening and assessment techniques to identity key links in the body, that may be not functioning properly, and limiting or causing pain in your golf swing.  Dr. Vahldick takes pleasure in relating information gained during he TPI assessment to your golf professional or swing coach to the benefit of your health and golf game.  Remember low back, shoulder or any pain after a round of golf is not normal, and warrants a further investigation.