Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization (DNS), is based on the teachings and treatment programs of Pavel Kolar, physiotherapist with doctorate in pediatrics, and Karel Lewit, MD, known as the father of manual medicine. DNS is based on developmental movement patters of healthy baby in the first year of life.  A heavy emphasis is placed on breathing and intra-abdominal pressure, as it pertains to spine stabilization. Restoration of these ideal movement patterns and muscle balances lead to rehabilitative success.  Dr. Zach is the only DNS trained physician in southwest Missouri.

Chiropractic treatment, that focuses solely on the adjustment, will fail to provide lasting results.  This model of rehab builds on the body’s natural movement patterns; retraining and facilitating muscles that might be weak, or uncontrolled, and culminating in movements that can challenge the entire body. This patient centered, active model of care is the foundation for Advanced Spine and Joint Center.

DNS is used in many sports medicine setting, including Cardinals baseball.  Using DNS has helped our practice gain a reputation for getting people better faster.

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