Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Chiropractic Office?

Yes.  We went with "Spine and Joint Center" vs "Chiropractic" to let you know we treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, not just neck and back pain. Chiropractic to most, means adjustments, manipulation, or popping of the spine. Dr. Vahldick is a chiropractor that has specialized in orthopedic and functional examination and treatment. This includes joint manipulation/mobilization, muscle / nerve / ligament treatment and rehabilitation exercises.  This combined approach to chiropractic, is more effective than adjustments alone. SEE OUR TREATMENTS



Do you take insurance

We are in network with most major medical insurance, medicare, VA and we accept personal injury (auto accident) and work comp claims as well.

Do you only treat sports injuries?

Of course not. Our goal is to bring that quality, to the general population of Branson Missouri through our chiropractic care. It is a common (and false) notion that elderly, or deconditioned people are not well suited for rehab or strength training. Multiple studies have proven this wrong; and in fact, the deconditioned can respond faster. They can see greater strides in improvement than a conditioned athlete would over the same amount of time.

I sat through a presentation with a Chiro who then tried to sell me six months of care

No.  At Advanced Spine and Joint Center, our goal is to get patients feeling and moving well as quickly as possible. I take serious joy in releasing patients from care earlier than expected. Some patients choose to continue wellness care with regular “check-ups” to help with their condition or maintain their health, and we are happy to help. The total duration of care to resolve any given complaint is based on several factors, including severity of injury and overall compliance with the treatment plan. ASJC will provide every patient with home and self-care strategies that are designed to provide you as the patient with an increased level of control around their care.

Long treatment plans are absolutely DOCTOR CENTERED, not PATIENT CENTERED.

How is ASJC different from my chiropractor?

Each patient can expect a thorough orthopedic, chiropractic, and functional examination. Treatment may include chiropractic adjustments, different types of stretching, and rehab exercises. Very few offices in the state can offer this extensive knowledge and approach.

Stephen M. Barrett, M.D. states to “choose your chiropractor carefully. You can give a pass to any who advertise free evaluations (they’re fishing for suckers) or take loads of x-rays (they’re padding the bill).”

Advanced Spine and Joint Center does not have an X-ray unit, because in this field there is frequent over utilization of imaging. When “red flags” are present such as swelling, redness of trauma for example, the appropriate radiological referral will be made. See this message to patients from the American College of Physicians on Diagnostic Imaging for Low Back Pain

What can I expect on my first visit?

On your first visit you can expect to receive a comprehensive examination that will evaluate joint motion / function, muscle and nerve tension / function, and could likely include gait analysis and other dynamic tests.

X-rays or other imaging, is ordered only when needed in cases of trauma or concerns regarding pathology. Some treatment and/or prescribed home rehab exercises can be expected on the first visit. Patients usually leave the office feeling a difference and knowing exactly what’s causing their condition on the first visit. This visit should take about an hour.

Is chiropractic safe?

Chiropractic is recognized as one of the safest, drug-free, non-invasive therapies available for musculoskeletal conditions. No health treatment is completely free of adverse effects, but Advanced Spine and Joint Center perform neck and back adjustments that are proven to be the safest and most joint friendly from the Motion Palpation Institute.

Is is safe to see a chiropractor if I am pregnant?

Absolutely!! Dr. Vahldick has experience working with patients referred by their OB/GYN and knows how to evaluate and treat the expectant mother as her body changes during gestation. Chiropractors that utilize mostly chiropractic manipulation may not be effective. In pregnancy, a frequent problem is aberrant, or excessive movement of the lumbar spine and pelvis. The weight gain, changes in center of gravity, and the fact that around the 28th week of pregnancy the body increases a hormone (relaxin) that helps relax the pelvic joints to allow development and delivery, help drive more mobility in the spine. The pain is generally related to the soft tissues in the area (ligaments and muscles) that are under increased stress. At that time manipulation is rarely performed for the low back and more soft tissue work and rehab is required. Our team will work with your Ob/Gyn to provide a safe, natural alternative to medications for your pain. Our pregnant patients enjoy excellent results with the assurance that their body and their baby’s health is safe, with the drug free chiropractic care we offer.

Do you refer to other specialist?

Of course.  We always always ask the question – “What is best for the patient?” If your condition is best treated at our clinic then we would love to treat you. Medical co-management can be an incredibly valuable asset, especially in cases of radiating pain past the knee or elbow. If your condition is best helped at another health care facility, we will get you to the right place. Likewise, medical doctors, dentists, podiatrists and other health care professionals often refer patients to our clinic for comprehensive chiropractic care.

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