ASJC is network with most area major medical insurance, medicare,  all auto, attorney office and Work Comp plans.

  • We have competitive non-insurance rates for networks we are not in (medicaid and Cox health plans)
  • Our office can verify your level of coverage on the phone.
  • On your first visit you can expect to go through detailed, problem focused movement and physical assessments to help us define and explain your specific problem.
  • Initial assessments take 40-90 minutes depending on a variety of factors.
  • You should try bring athletic attire; shorts, yoga pants, tank tops or tee shirts to allow us to visualize and assess your movements. You can expect treatment on the first visit.
  • X-rays are only ordered if deemed medically necessary, most chiropractors over utilize plain film x-rays. Our goal is to get you better a quickly as possible.

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